My Sahaja Experience

From my childhood itself I have been searching the true meaning of life. I was always searching for the real pleasure in my life. I derived some satisfaction out of my social activities but still that search was on. I was not fully satisfied. Whenever I used to meet any saint, I used to ask them questions like Have you seen God? or If God is there why there is so much poverty or Why corrupt are flourishing and honest are struggling in life etc. I never got satisfactory answers. Coincidentally I got my job in Hardwar and I thought I will get my real Guru (Master). But in the beginning even that did not happen. Also I started having physical ailments like anxiety, kidney related problems and stomach upset, spondilitis etc. Life became wayward and sometimes horrible.

Then one day a program was held in our BHEL Club on 20th April, 1999 by Sahaja Yoga collectivity. In that program Mr. Arun Apte (renowned Musician) and Mr. Arun Goyal (Sahaja India Leader) were special invitees. That program was marvelous and it changed my life completely. Now on all my ailments have reduced drastically. Also my attitude towards life has changed completely. I used to be a short tempered person. I do not know where the anger has gone. The family life has become very smooth. Earlier my wife was not convinced with Sahaja Yoga. She thought that it is also like any other technique to fool the people. But after one and half years, the change she has seen in my attitude and behavior, she has also started doing meditation with me. Now we do regular meditation through Sahaja Yoga technique. Also we attend the weekly Sahaja Collectivity regularly. By Shri Mata Ji's grace we have become our own masters. We get all the answers within and have not to search them outside. Now I can say that through Sahaja Yoga a person can find the peace within and collectively we can make the world more peaceful. Also we come to know that we as human beings are the best creations of GOD and HE resides in our hearts. To whatever religion, race, region or sex we belong, we are the same. HIS love for us is same. We have not to search HIM outside but in our own hearts. Human life has no limits, but its dormant energy called Kundalini  can only be awakened by grace of GOD's all pervading energy called Adishakti. With my experiences I can say that it is none other than Shri Mata Ji Nirmala Devi in human form.